The news about the new Samsung devices that would fill the ranks of cell phone Galaxy C has indeed been heard since September last year. Both the new Samsung handset refers to Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Pro C5 and C7 Pro. A lot of the review that both mobile that would be formally introduced in the coming months by the original vendor of South Korea. Even the news that seems to be increasingly evident the truth after Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro which during the course of these now appear in Zauba which is export and import Tracker sites in India. There are actually two phones that were sent to India for the needs of R&D and evaluation. One of them carries the model number BC-C5010 trusted is Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro. The Pro is well known variants will carry a much higher specification compared to Samsung Galaxy C5 which is the default version. The difference between variants of the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Pro C5 C5 primarily can be found in the kitchen sector designations.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro which will be released to the market to greet consumers among medium-sized up this indeed brings the specification is promising. This can be seen from the Super AMOLED screen with a span of 5.2 inches which he carried. The screen that is capable of producing the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is certainly in addition to presenting a compelling display also looks elegant. Not to mention the kitchen sector runway Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro is that it turns out that offers a number of upgrades from the standard version. The kitchen sector runway Pro variant was powered by Octa core Processor speed 2.0 GHz so that its performance was indeed quite reliable. Not only that the RAM is also used larger capacity i.e. 6 GB so it is definitely multitasking activity will be more smoothly. Specifications that are not less interesting can also be found on the Samsung Galaxy photography line C5 Pro is armed with high-powered cameras duet 16 MP 8 MP and so this feature will be very supportive of the need of documentation. Then, let alone Yes the advantages offered by the new Member of the family Galaxy C?

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Summoners War Hack Cydia

Posted by April 25, 2017

Summoners is a very popular apik game by game lovers. This is because game this one has lots of advantages, among which is a very good graphic design. like game with RPG gendre, this game also has some rules that have to be done during the game rules, Echoes its shape them is doing the fight to get the prize.

Summoners War Hack Cydia

In a game that was launched by a South Korea origin programmer, the main character you play will be assisted by monster owned while fighting a monster, so it has the responsibility to be an advantage to win this game. There are several types of monsters that can be found in this game namely mustard with the elements of fire, water, light and dark. Aside from these monsters that have different capabilities that are marked with the number of stars.

Then how to get the monster? How if the my monster obtained a small number of stars have? That’s some of the questions that often arise in the conduct of gaming on this one. For the first question you can call using the monster unknown srcoll easy enough indeed, but the monsters are called will be random and not predictable. This relates to the second party, if you get a monster with a low Star then you need not worry because you can improve its ability in various ways, one of which is by using the crystal with cut if you can get a fight in the arena.

Or you can do if else i.e. using summoners war cheats crystal hack, an application that can help you improve the monster so that it can more easily. This one application that can be accessed in online with ESP. formerly download her first. The usual applications in the modern as Summoners war hack cydia is secure because it can be operated in the IOS or Android OS without having to use root or jailbreak, so the default Mobile you don’t have to change it.

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Super Mario Run Review

Posted by March 31, 2017

Super Mario Run

Since today you can download Super Mario Run for iOS on the App Store . We have looked at the game in advance and tell you whether the purchase is worthwhile. Nintendo announced a few months ago that one would like to bring several games for mobile devices on the market and has joined together here with DeNA. The games are not developed internally, for which Nintendo is decisively involved in the development and has not simply distributed licenses.

The first game, Miitomo , was, in my opinion, rather a reinfall and I book the “game” as a first walking attempt from Nintendo. The first “real” game for me is definitely Super Mario Run and I’ve been looking forward to it since the announcement on Apple’s iPhone event (it was my highlight of the event). Since today you can download the game for iOS on the App Store. It was adapted for the iPhone and iPad, but not for the Apple TV. So brave is not at Nintendo yet. The download is free, but you have to pay 10 Euro (one time), if you want the full range of functions.

The game is initially exclusively available for iOS, because Nintendo with Android simply too many robbery fears . An Android version will come , but when is currently unclear. This year definitely not more. I have already watched Super Mario Run and played a round. Here is my conclusion to the game.

Super Mario Run: What awaits you?

Super Mario Run is a classic Mario game. Thanks to music and animations, Super Mario Run feels like a typical Mario, which may have played on the Nintendo 3DS lately. In total, you can conquer 6 worlds, each with four levels. So make 24 levels.

Note: In this case, there are fewer worlds than in a “normal” Super Mario. The game for iOS is also much cheaper .

This includes 3 normal worlds and one with a final boss. The levels are very varied. They also invite you to play them again and again. This is because you can collect 5 coins per level and after you have snatched the first 5 coins in a row, there are two more levels, where you also expect 5 coins.

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Apple Watch Series 2 Review

Posted by March 29, 2017

Apple Watch Series 2

For over a year now accompanied the Apple Watch on the wrist and for several weeks I test the second generation, also called Apple Watch Series 2. The time is therefore ripe for a conclusion and a few words for the first wearable from the house Apple. At the beginning, I was very skeptical at the Apple Watch. A Smartwatch has accompanied me for many years on the wrist, until mid-2015, however, the Pebble convinced. The time was then the beginning of the end of my long-standing pebble relationship ( and Pebble itself ).

To this day I do not regret the change. For a long time, I was very skeptical as to whether I could cope with the very short battery life. But honestly, I do not wear my wearable at night. I do not care about the sleep racking (I notice if I’ve slept well or badly and then do something, although I like collecting data, I do not care) and I am a wearable when sleeping.

Whether I put my Pebble in the evening on the desk, or the Apple Watch on the charging pad, does not make a difference for me. On the road is a different thing and here would be several days running time nice. But I am not often on the road and usually spend the night at home. And for the couple of times where this occurs, we take for example a holiday, the charging cable comes with one or so.

What I after a year so established: One day Akkulaufzeit is enough for me at a Smartwatch. You get used to it. 2-3 would be in the long run however quite desirable, because one has also times a little buffer. The second generation of the Apple Watch comes by the way on good 2 days. At least I have noticed that you notice the difference of the larger battery in everyday life.

The first generation of the Apple Watch landed at the beginning with almost 20-30 per cent in the evening at the Ladestation. On most days I use a full hour (rather more) the workout app, which continuously measures the pulse. After the update on watchOS 3 the better and I landed at 30-40 percent. With the second generation, I currently have a little more than 50 percent.

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