Apple Watch Series 2

For over a year now accompanied the Apple Watch on the wrist and for several weeks I test the second generation, also called Apple Watch Series 2. The time is therefore ripe for a conclusion and a few words for the first wearable from the house Apple. At the beginning, I was very skeptical at the Apple Watch. A Smartwatch has accompanied me for many years on the wrist, until mid-2015, however, the Pebble convinced. The time was then the beginning of the end of my long-standing pebble relationship ( and Pebble itself ).

To this day I do not regret the change. For a long time, I was very skeptical as to whether I could cope with the very short battery life. But honestly, I do not wear my wearable at night. I do not care about the sleep racking (I notice if I’ve slept well or badly and then do something, although I like collecting data, I do not care) and I am a wearable when sleeping.

Whether I put my Pebble in the evening on the desk, or the Apple Watch on the charging pad, does not make a difference for me. On the road is a different thing and here would be several days running time nice. But I am not often on the road and usually spend the night at home. And for the couple of times where this occurs, we take for example a holiday, the charging cable comes with one or so.

What I after a year so established: One day Akkulaufzeit is enough for me at a Smartwatch. You get used to it. 2-3 would be in the long run however quite desirable, because one has also times a little buffer. The second generation of the Apple Watch comes by the way on good 2 days. At least I have noticed that you notice the difference of the larger battery in everyday life.

The first generation of the Apple Watch landed at the beginning with almost 20-30 per cent in the evening at the Ladestation. On most days I use a full hour (rather more) the workout app, which continuously measures the pulse. After the update on watchOS 3 the better and I landed at 30-40 percent. With the second generation, I currently have a little more than 50 percent.

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