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We are today at 4 May, a day like any other for many people, however, for fans of the famous Star Wars saga it is not a normal day. Today is known as the day of Star Wars, and this year fans are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the mythical saga.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re in luck, to celebrate its anniversary Google Play has released several offers in games and comics in the series. Are you going to miss it?

Deals on Star Wars games and comics

Let’s see that we have prepared Google to celebrate one of the most important days for fans of the saga, let’s begin to see the offers in games.

Star Wars Games

The first game we find on offer is Star Wars: KOTOR, a third person RPG where you have to deal with all the enemies that appear in your way. The usual price of this game is 9.99 euros, but thanks to the offer we can get it for 5.49 euros, a major downgrade for those who had plans to get the game.

Star Wars Capture

Next we have the Star Wars Pinball 5, as its own name indicates is the video game Pinball of all life but acclimated in the theme of Star Wars. The usual price is 2.19 euros, however, we can find it free on Google Play due to the celebration of this day.

Finally we find the LEGO Star Wars: TCS, a game in third person, perhaps for the smallest fans of the house. We can find it at a price of 5.49 euros, bearing in mind that its original price is 6.99 euros.

Star Wars Comic Books

In addition to the games mentioned above, there are a number of comics at a good price on Google Play. If we get into the ‘Books’ section of the store, we will find several copies for less than 5 euros each.


If you are a fan of Star Wars and want content from the saga, take advantage of these offers from Google Play to celebrate this great day big time.

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The news about the new Samsung devices that would fill the ranks of cell phone Galaxy C has indeed been heard since September last year. Both the new Samsung handset refers to Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Pro C5 and C7 Pro. A lot of the review that both mobile that would be formally introduced in the coming months by the original vendor of South Korea. Even the news that seems to be increasingly evident the truth after Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro which during the course of these now appear in Zauba which is export and import Tracker sites in India. There are actually two phones that were sent to India for the needs of R&D and evaluation. One of them carries the model number BC-C5010 trusted is Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro. The Pro is well known variants will carry a much higher specification compared to Samsung Galaxy C5 which is the default version. The difference between variants of the Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Pro C5 C5 primarily can be found in the kitchen sector designations.

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro which will be released to the market to greet consumers among medium-sized up this indeed brings the specification is promising. This can be seen from the Super AMOLED screen with a span of 5.2 inches which he carried. The screen that is capable of producing the Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is certainly in addition to presenting a compelling display also looks elegant. Not to mention the kitchen sector runway Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro is that it turns out that offers a number of upgrades from the standard version. The kitchen sector runway Pro variant was powered by Octa core Processor speed 2.0 GHz so that its performance was indeed quite reliable. Not only that the RAM is also used larger capacity i.e. 6 GB so it is definitely multitasking activity will be more smoothly. Specifications that are not less interesting can also be found on the Samsung Galaxy photography line C5 Pro is armed with high-powered cameras duet 16 MP 8 MP and so this feature will be very supportive of the need of documentation. Then, let alone Yes the advantages offered by the new Member of the family Galaxy C?

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